Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Story of The Marine Carp

This clip is in Hebrew. It's about the Marine Carp a ship carrying Americans and others on their way to (then) Palestine. The ship stopped in Beirut, was boarded and the Jewish men were taken off and imprisoned in Ba'albek.
One of the passengers, Muriel Arens, a Betaria from the US and wife of Misha Arens who became Minister of Defense and Foreign Minister of Israel, was on that ship as well.
The women were allowed to continue to Haifa and eventually the men were released, sent back to the US but not allowed to enter and then sent back to Haifa (this time without stopping in Beirut).


Batya said...

It's very interesting. Too bad there's no translation or summary in English for those who don't understand Hebrew.

Stephen said...

I have held back on telling the following since 1948, but I'm almost 84 now and if I don't do it now, I may never get to do so.
After the Haganah forces under Oded Bourla and the Etzel forces under Raymond Kaplan agreed to go ashore as the Dixicrat consul demanded, I went below deck and took my life savings (about $400) from my money belt and gave the money to Marilyn Shindell, a Betaria from Boston.
That money had come from a paper route, ushering at the movies, and backbreaking work at Sears, Roebuck.
I never saw the money again.
Shindy got to Haifa and spent some time in Israel, living on my money.
I bumped into Shindy in downtown Boston many years later. She said she was sorry about the money. but did not have any with which to pay me back.

Diane Cochran said...

Would love to have the English translation of this!!!