Saturday, October 27, 2018

At Camp (but when?)

From Bella Bryks-Klein:

In front of the office of Camp Betar (located in a section of the Dining Hall & Kitchen, Neversink, NY.)
Chaim Fischgrund, Moshe Kiczales, Myron Buchman, Sol Taubenfeld, Reuven Genn, Baruch Kraus, Yisrael Medad
[When? 1966 or 1967 or 1968]


Sunday, October 21, 2018

At the Likud Olami Olim Event

On Thursday evening, October 18, 2018, the Likud Olami invited Betarim from all Sniffim who had made Aliyah to attend a celebratory event in Netanya.

Present from the United States were:

Bobby Brown
Steve Adler
Izzy Herman and wife
Chaim Fischgrund
Jonathan Friedman
Yisrael and Batya Medad 

and 94 year-old Edith Lieberman (here with head of World Betar Nerya Meir):

at the table (from left to right): Jonathan Friedman, Chaim Fischgrund, Bobby Brown and Batya Medad

Winkie with Joe and Beatte Gellert, founders of Herut UK:


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Betarim Reunion with Barry & Sindy Liben

Took place on October 4, 2018 at Inbal Hotel on the occasion of Barry's Family Visit

Barry and Sindy Liben
Bobby Brown
Steve Leibowitz
Yisrael and Batya Medad
Charles and Carol Warady
Jane Vogel
Yehiel Spira
Peter/Udi Weinstein/Carmeli
Kenny and  Seit
Gershon and Tzippi Hess Green
Jonathan Friedman
Tracey Shipley

(To be updated)


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Betarim Recall Amatzia


From Butch Brody:-

The six months that I lived at AMATZIA (January -June 1959)  were some of the memorable times of my life. STEVE ADLER and I were on the 23rd Machzor of the Machon l'Madrechim. After studying for five months in Jerusalem, we were sent to AMATZIA. I "believe" there only 30 people there then.   STEVE's Hebrew was perfect the start, but mine was not. The fact that we spoke to everyone in Hebrew enabled me to become comfortably conversant   for the rest of my life/. We lived in a sreef and outhouse was 10 or 20 meters away. When I worked in the refet or went out with the cows, I felt that I was participating in the building of the meshek and of the country.  I met Betarim from South Africa (one of whom, I am friendly with to this day); I met Betarim from Uruguay, Argentina, Turkey, Israel. There were some border problems. The border (if I remember) was delineated by large painted white rocks.

It was at AMATZIA that I formed an enduring commitment to Israel.   While the result was a failed Aliya effort (1974), the end result is a son, his wife, 5 grandchildren, a greatgrandchild living in Israel. Three have served in IDF. I am close to age 80 yet, I still go to Israel twice a year with my lovely wife who helps the local economy by buying everything she can in a one month period. I made genuine friendships and permanent memories of a "great moment" in my life. Although my body stays in galut most of the year, my spirit never left Israel. 


Aharon Goldberg z"l

Chaya Goldberg has just informed us that Betari Aharon (Arthur) Goldberg has passed away. He died on Yom Kippur.


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Sit-in October 1977

According to this item in Maariv on October 7, 1977, from UP,

twenty Betarim entered or "invaded" the offices of the American delegation to the United Nations.

And they had a meeting with Ambassador Andrew Young.

They were protesting the threat of petro-dollars dictating US Middle East policy.

(Those who participated are invited to leave comments so the whole story can be told)


Monday, May 28, 2018

Harold Zvi Kraushar z"l

1930 - 2018

Harold Kraushar passed away from natural causes on May 23, 2018.  

Born in East New York, Brooklyn, in January 1930, Harold was one of three sons of Yehuda and Lillian Kraushar.  He graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School and attended Brooklyn College.  

Harold was a proud and passionate Zionist.  In June 1948, he sailed on the ship Altalena, which carried soldiers and weapons for the Zionist cause to what was then Palestine.  He served as a machine gunner with the Irgun Zvi Leumi, the military organization that fought for the creation of the Jewish state of Israel. After the War of Independence, he joined the American Veterans of Israel and later served as its President. In April of this year, he was one of five surviving veterans of the war to attend memorial services at West Point for Colonel David "Mickey" Marcus, the American officer who lost his life during the siege of Jerusalem.   

During his career, Harold was an agent for a number of artists and literary figures, including Alan Ginsberg, and later headed the paperback division of Bookazine, a book wholesaler. Throughout his life, he was an avid reader of poetry and non-fiction. 

Over the years, he rooted for the Detroit Tigers, Brooklyn Dodgers, and Milwaukee Brewers, because of their star Jewish players:  Hank Greenberg, Sandy Koufax, and Ryan Braun, respectively.   An observant Jew, he faithfully walked from his home in Woodside, Queens, [6010 47th Ave] to his synagogue, the Greenpoint Shul, in Brooklyn, for which he served as gabbai.
Harold was married to his childhood sweetheart, Rita (nee Gordon), from 1951 until her passing in 1976. He was married to Mary Minzer Kraushar from 1979 until his passing.

Harold is survived by twin brother Sam, and his beloved sons Joshua and Kenneth, and their wives, Terri-Chan Kraushar and Ellen (Varnay) Kraushar, respectively.  He will be missed by his beloved grandchildren Jeremy, Zack, Raquel, and Ilana, and his many nieces and nephews.

-     -     -     -     -

From David Krakow:

In Memoriam. Zvi Kraushar

            Zvi Kraushar, a survivor of the Altalena and the failed attempt by Etzel and Lechi to retake the Old City of Jersualem in 1948, died last week at the age of 87.

In the last two weeks of his life, Zvi discovered a long-sought photograph of Pavel Frankel and the data concerning the 200,000 Jews who served in the Polish Army in 1939.

            His funeral was attended by many of his friends, including former Betarim, among them, his brother Shmuel, Ray Kaplan, Bernie Ellman, Mosie Stambler, Harry Bieber, Miriam and Dave Krakow.

           Paul Kaye (Machal), MG Michael Edelstein (IDF), Marcie Wolman (Machal), 
           Harold Kraushar (Machal), Si Spiegelman (Machal), Fred Rawicz (Machal), 
                                                Ben Sklar (IDF- Lone Soldier).
                                                            April 29, 2018

Lynn Sharon adds:

Rita Gordon Kraushar was one of my best friends. We met when we were about 9 years old, and when I made aliyah, Rita and Tzvi (Harold) visited us and we spent a wonderful day together. Shortly after that visit my dear Rita died suddenly. She was in her early 40's. After he remarried I do recall visiting him with his new wife. 

Aside from our friendship, we were all Betarim. So sad to hear that Tzvi has passed away. I have fond memories of Tzvi. May his memory forever be a blessing. 

From Joshua Joe Adler  (Yerushalayim)

I wish to share the following with you:
        During our younger days Harold (or Zvi) and I were very close friends not only because we were both members of Betar but also because  I used him as my book buyer during the years I was a student at JTS (1952-58).  One of my proudest possession during those years at rabbinical school was a large framed picture of Jabotinsky which Zvi acquired for me and which I kept on the wall of my dorm room during my six years of study.  Unfortunately, the picture  disappeared after my ordination and I never found out what happened to it since I had to report to Army Chaplain School  soon after graduation. Over the years, Zvi and I kept in contact even when I was no longer in New York and had a congregation in Harrisburg. In 1972, I came on aliyah and we got together in one or two of his visits to Israel. To me Zvi was one of the rare people who was the embodiment of the Zionist-Jewish ideal - who lived his faith with acts and not with words. I believe that Zvi's life-story  should be taught to our youth and even adults as a prime example of a genuine Betari who in his lifetime fully embodied  and carried out  the ideals and teachings of  the Betar Movement founded by Zev Jabotinsky.  



Sunday, May 27, 2018

Photographs in a Video

Betar in late 1940s and until mid-1950s:

Pictures from Seymour Rosenberg's autobiography.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Visit to Israel

My wife Debbie and I just came back from a week in Israel.  We spent our time in Jerusalem staying at Windows of Jerusalem - a stone's throw from Machaneh Yehudah - and had some of the chevra over one night for old times sake.

Fist pic Chaim Fishgrund, my wife Debbie, Winky, me , Risa (Rich) Tzohar, and David Sprung.  In second pic Dan Krakow replaces Winky.

Around the corner from the hotel is the Achdut Yisrael Synagogue - if I'm not mistaken it was the apartment where Avraham Stern was cornered before he was killed - wasn't open when I went to visit.

Also did a bit of touring in the old city and took a few shots of the Betar Bayit that is now the Plugat HaKotel Museum.

Was a great trip and it was nice to see old friends.

Tel Hai


Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Bet Sefer Certificate

From the archives of Shachna-Chuck Waxman:

With signatures of Netziv Benny Rosen and Shaliach Shlomo "Bubby" Ariav.

The Bet Sefer took place in 1964 and the certificate was awarded early 1965.


A Postcard

From the archives of Ellen Zwick-LLinas via Chuck Waxman:

Rena Genn adds:

The address is in Eli's handwriting but the message is not.

Risa Tzohar informs that the postcard address is in her handwriting.


If you are wondering, 

$1.50 in the year 1966 is equivalent in purchasing power to $11.11 in 2016


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Chuck (Haim) Hornstein Pictures

Received from Ellen Zwick Ilinas

Top left to right: Ellen (Zwick) llinas, Chuck Hornstein,Tanya Buchman, Bucky, 
Steve (aka The Gorilla), bottom: Suzi Pollock, Bennett Hornstein, Chris (unknown), Steve's then girlfriend)


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Chuck Hornstein at Amatzia

Received from Rena Genn:


This morning I received a beautiful present from Ellen Zwick via Ben Rappaport of this picture of Chuck (Chaim) working with Aliza in the Rappaport family garden in Amatzia.

A present because as we approach Yom HaZikaron it allows us a glimpse of Chuck the young man.  Ben says that he is not certain that he is the photographer, but considering the hundreds of photographers who came to Amatzia in the late 60's early 70's. I think that he can take credit.

How wonderful that we are around to celebrate the 70th birthday of the Jewish State.  The connection between the lost Chuck, Eli and many others is obvious to us all.

Wishing you all a Chag Sameach"


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Anti-Arafat at UN Demo

This took place on November 11, 1974 at the United Nations when Betar demonstrated against the appearance of Yassir Arafat there to speak

Barry Liben is doing the tossing.

Gary Segal is to the right of Barry.

I think Evan Bachner is to the left. (see below)

Any additional details will be added below.


Lawrence Chariton adds:

Barry is in middle. Gary to his right. Udi Weinstein next to Barry. Larry Chariton next to Udi with Afro. On the other side is Steve Pearl. In between Gary Siegal and Steve Pearl is Dov Fisch. In jail, Udi Weinstein was dosing off I asked him why does he sleep with his glasses and he said he likes to see his dreams clearly.

Jonathan Friedman adds:

Next to Peter [Udi Weinstein] is Alan Laytner. 

Shari Olenberg Nitzan adds that she was there too, with Stuie Shilitz.

Robert Glick adds that he was approaching the demo from 48th St., he thinks, and came upon a group of Arabs. As he got closer, the NYPD knocked him down and put him under arrest as he had a lead pipe in a bag he was carrying. This arrest was reported by WCBS evening news at 6 . Also The NY Time reported these events the next day.  He spent the night in The Tombs and as JDL guys were arrested, Bert Zweibon took car of his legal needs as well.

Hanoch Young adds these three pics with comments:

This was the far end of the line - mine is the closed fist at the end, the open hand next to mine is none other then Gershon Green!
 The pic is of Steve Thomashaw (sp?) - I think this was the only Betar demo he participated in
This was an AP photo, with me handcuffed to Steve Rombom (after cutting our handcuffs off, the NYPD handcuffed us in pairs)


Thursday, March 1, 2018

In Attendance: Warsaw 1928

According to this report in the Nowy Dzeinnik of December 12, 1928, American Betar was represented in this Betar conference in Warsaw, Poland: