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On Jabotinsky's New York Reburial Procession

Received from Canadian Betar Mefaked Harry Wolle:

And he adds:

"a copy of the article from the Herald Tribune.  You will note that the remarks in the article are not quite accurate. No mention of the stop off in Paris.  By the way, that’s me on the right in the forefront."


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Going on Aliyah, 1956

U.S. Betar Members Leave for Israel for Permanent Settlement
October 9, 1956

NEW YORK (Oct. 8)

A group of five young people, members of Betar, the Revisionist youth organization, left here this week-end for permanent settlement in Israel. The will settle in the Betar colony of Mevoot Betar.


The Eden Protest

Zionist Youths Demonstrate Against Eden; Rabbis Hold Prayer
January 31, 1956

NEW YORK (Jan. 30)

Shouting slogans insisting that there be “No Munich in Washington” and that “Eden Go Home,” Betar, Zionist youth organization allied with the Herut Party, extremist right-wing political organization in Israel, picketed the dock here where Britains Sir Anthony landed. Betar had announced that about 500 persons would participate in the picketing. A police official said he had counted the pickets and that “at no time were there more than 22″ demonstrating.

Police had thrown up barriers to keep the picketers from coming too close to the pier. On the other side of the barriers, encircled by a police detachment which at times seemed larger than the group of pickets, a group of young men and women paraded with signs and banners, and carrier imitation wooden coffins labeled “Neville Chamberlain” and “Anthony Chamberlain.” The reference was to Britains Prime Minister in 1938 who negotiated the Munich agreement by which Britain was charged with having “sold out” to Hitler.

A Convocation of Prayer for Peace for Israel and the world, in connection with the Eisenhower-Eden talks, was held today by the New York Board of Rabbis which represents 700 Orthodox, Conservative and Reform rabbis in the city. Emphasizing that they pray “for America’s and Britain’s sake and for the sake of peace here and there and everywhere,” the rabbis issued a declaration urging the Western Powers to “make it abundantly clear that it fervently guarantees the lives of Israel’s inhabitants, that it will tolerate no war and no encroachment or provocation leading to war, and that those states that even cherish the hope for war or another round are outlaws in the family of nations.”


On the Von Karajan Protest

Revisionist Youths Demonstrate Against Berlin Symphony Concert
March 2, 1955

NEW YORK (Mar. 1)

More than 250 members of Betar, the Revisionist youth organization, demonstrated in front of Carnegie Hall tonight in protest against the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra which held its first New York concert there this evening.

While the pickets marched in front of Carnegie Hall, other Betar members distributed leaflets asking for a boycott of the orchestra’s concerts because it was led by Herbert von Karajan and managed by Gerhardt von Westerman, both former members of the Nazi Party.

Meanwhile, the State Department, in identical telegrams yesterday to the Jewish War Veterans and to James C. Petrillo, president of the American Federation of Musicians, whose New York Local 802 had protested the orchestra’s tour of the United States, declared that both von Karajan and von Westerman had been cleared by German denazification courts and therefore had fulfilled the legal requirements necessary under the McCarran-Walter Immigration Act to enter the U. S.


On the 1950 Anti-German Demo

Three youths arrested after they identified themselves with the Betar youth organization after they and a dozen other young men and women threw eggs, tomatoes and apples at a visiting German soccer team on the steps of City Hall on Friday will be given a hearing on Thursday, it was reported during the week-end. The demonstration took place as the German athletes, affiliated with the Hamburg Sports Verein, were about to be photographed with Acting Mayor Vincent Impelliteri.

Statements issued by the Union Zionists-Revisionsts of America and the Betar executive committee condoned the action of the youths and protested a charge that the demonstrators were Communists. The Betar statement said it was “regrettable that news of the reception (for the Germans) did not leak out earlier, in time to permit a much greater manifestation of dissatisfaction” by the Jews of New York. A spokesman for the visiting Germans, commenting on the incident, said: “We could see that they (the Betar youths) were not Americans.”


Betar Pro-Begin

U.S. Betar Urges World Body to Sever Relations with Revisionists

The second post-war national convention of the Brith Trumpeldor of America adopted a resolution urging the world Betar conference in Paris to sever all ties with the Revisionist Party and to persuade Menachem Beigin, commander of the Irgun Zvai Leumi, to assume leadership of Betar, it was announced here today by the organization.


When B. Netanyahu Went to San Francisco

No, not Binyamin but Ben-Zion Netanyahu

New Zionist Delegation Leaves for San Francisco Conference
May 9, 1945

New York (May. 8)

A delegation of the New Zionist Organization of America, composed of Major William R. Friedman, acting chairman of the New Zionist Organization of America; B. Netanyahu, executive director; Dr. Harry Levi, the diplomatic representative of the New Zionist Organization in Geneva; and A. Z. Propes, head of Betar, is leaving for San Francisco to present a plan regarding Palestine and the Jewish question to the San Francisco conference, it was announced here today. The delegation is accompanied by Professor A. S. Yahada, Zionist leader and authority on the Arab question.


Rosh Betar's Death


Vladimir Jabotinsky Dies of Heart Attack at 59; Was Visiting Youth Camp
August 5, 1940

NEW YORK (Aug. 4)

Vladimir Jabotinsky, prominent Zionist-Revisionist leader, writer and soldier, died of coronary thrombosis shortly before midnight last night at Camp Betar near Hunter, N.Y., it was announce here today by the New Zionist Organization, of which ge was the world leader since its organization in 1935. He was 59 years old.

Death occurred a few hours after Jabotinsky had reviewed a parade of the campers, members of the Zionist-Revisionist youth organization known as Brith Trumpeldor. The Zionist leader had come to the camp to spend the weekend.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday at noon from Schwartz’s Funeral Parlor, 152 Second Avenue. Burial will take place the same day at the New Montefiore Cemetery, Long Island, in the section belonging to the New zionist Nordar circle."

Surviving the leader are his widow, Jeanne, who is in London, and a son, Eri, a civil engineer in Palestine. Eri is serving a term of one year at the Acre concentration camp, administratively imposed because of his role in aiding extra-legal Jewish immigrants to enter Palestine.

For more than two decades the stormy petrel of the Zionist movement, Jabotinsky was visiting the United States to stimulate interest in the raising of a Jewish army to fight with the Allies. He had been here since March 13 and only recently addressed a mass meeting at the Manhattan Center, during which he predicted that a "co-belligerent" Jewish army would soon be fighting as an ally of Britain under the British army’s command.

Just a few days before he died, it was revealed, Jabotinsky had decided to return shortly to England to resume negotiations with the Government for creation of the projected army, which he envisioned as numbering 100,000 Jews from all parts of the world.

The presidency of the New Zionist Organizaton, in announcing Jabotinsky’s death, declared its determination to "continue the fight until the full redemption of Israel as envisioned by Jabotinsky."

...In his recent New York addresses, Jabotinsky advocated creation of a united Jewish front through establishment of a world Jewish headquarters supervising all other bodies.


25,000 Mourn at Jabotinsky Rites; Work Stoppage in Palestine
August 7, 1940

NEW YORK (Aug. 6)

With more than 25,000 persons crowding nearby streets, services were held today for Vladimir Jabotinsky, who died Saturday night at the age of 59, in the Gramercy Park Funeral Chapel, attended by some 750 Zionists of all factions, other Jewish leaders, public officials and non-Jewish admirers of the Zionist-Revisionist leader.

After a procession described by police as “one of the largest in the East Side’s history” and “the largest with a military background,” Jabotinsky was buried in a three ton concrete-bronze vault in the Max Nordau Circle of the New Montefiore Cemetery, Farmingdale, L.I., pending removal after the war to Palestine–from which he had been in exile for 20 years.

The simple orthodox service in the chapel was conducted by Rabbi Morris N. Rose of Temple Sinai, Brooklyn, and there were no eulogies, following the precedent set by Theodor Herzl’s funeral in 1904. While the rites were in progress, large crowds mourned on Second Avenue. Some had been there all night.

After the services a procession wended slowly up Second Avenue to Fourteenth Street and down to East Houston Street, where about 1,000 persons boarded buses and private automobiles to proceed to the cemetery. Yiddish theaters and Jewish institutions along the route were draped with black. As the procession passed the chapel a second time, it halted briefly while the Cantors’ Association sang “El Mole Rachamim.” The ceremony concluded with the singing of “Hatikvah,” in which thousands of bystanders joined the cantors. From the chapel, the procession was led by Max Greenberg, who lost a leg while fighting by Jabotinsky’s side with the Jewish Legion in Palestine.

In the procession were delegations from the Brith Trumpeldor, American Friends of Jewish Palestine, Jewish War Veterans of the United States, American Palestine Jewish Legion, Young Israel and other Jewish organizations. Many had tears in their eyes as the mass slowly moved down Second Avenue.

Borough Police Inspector John di Martino, who commanded a large police contingent, averted a possible accident when he diverted to another street an emergency truck speeding to a fire.

At the cemetery, the mourners were joined by scores of youths from the Betar Camp at Hunter, N.Y., where Jabotinsky died.

Among those who attended the chapel service were representatives of the British, Czechoslovak and Polish Governments, Stanley Lowe, representing Mayor LaGuardia; Ben Howe, chairman of the City Fusion Party, and James G. McDonald, chairman of the President’s Advisory Committee on Refugees.

Revisionist leaders present included Prof. Benjamin Akzin, Eliahu Ben-Horin and Captain Jeremiah Halpern. Others who attended were Edmund I. Kaufmann, president of the Zionist Organization of America; Dr. Hirsch J. Gordon, commander of the American Palestine Jewish Legion; Sol Masch, State Commander of the Jewish War Veterans; Maurice Schwartz, the actor; John Gunther, the author; Willard G. Stanton, secretary of the American Friends of a Jewish Palestine, and Col. J.H. Patterson, commander of the 1918 Palestine Jewish Legion.

The Yiddish press joined today in paying tribute to Jabotinsky. The Jewish Morning Journal said that “just as he represented the best in the Jewish people, so his death symbolized the tragedy of our time.” The Day said: “With Jabotinsky’s death there is removed from us a glorious personality in Jewish life, a wonderful and romantic figure, a clean man and a great idealist.” The Jewish Daily Forward called him “one of the most colorful personalities in a colorful, stormy Jewish generation.”


Jabotinsky’s Remains to Repose in U.S. Until Palestine Has Jewish Government
July 22, 1941

NEW YORK (Jul. 21)

The wish of Vladimir Jabotinsky, late Revisionist leader, not to have his remains transferred to Palestine “unless by order of that country’s eventual Jewish government,” was revealed here today by his widow, Mrs. Anna Jabotinsky, in connection with the preparations for the unveiling of the monument over Jabotinsky’s grave at Pine Lawn Cemetery, on Sunday, July 27, the first anniversary of his death.

“I wish to be buried wherever I happen to die; and my remains–should I be buried outside of Palestine–are not to be transferred to Palestine unless by order of that country’s eventual Jewish Government,” Jabotinsky instructed his wife in a letter several years ago.

Jewish aviators will fly overhead in military formations as a special tribute during the ceremony while the memorial prayers are sacredly chanted at the unveiling ceremonies. The flyers are from the Jabotinsky Aviation School, established by the New Zionist Organization of America. An added dramatic note will be given the ceremonies by the recital of an oath on the part of members of the Betar pledging themselves to continue their struggle for Palestine unceasingly until the achievement of all of Jabotinsky’s aims. The services will be concluded with the recital of the Kaddish by Eri Jabotinsky, son of the Revisionist leader, who was freed from the British prison at Acre, Palestine, on the same day on which his father died. There will be no eulogies at the services.


When Jabotinsky Spoke on Second Avenue (and in The Bronx)

National Parley of Revisionists Opened Here
April 7, 1935

The second national conference of the Zionist Revisionist Organization of America was to convene at the Hotel Edison Saturday night. Hundreds of delegates from numerous cities throughout the United States and Canada had registered up to Friday midnight.

Vladimir Jabotinsky was to deliver the principal address at the opening session, outlining the policies of the World Union of Zionist Revisionists, of which he is the head, and the course of action to be pursued in the future by this organization.

The conference will continue its session today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday). Before adjournment addresses are scheduled to be made by Elias Ginsburg, William B. Ziff, Mme. Adina Grodzins, L. Altman, M. Danzis, S. Spring and others, who will discuss the various phases of Revisionist work.

Tomorrow afternoon the Brith Trumpeldor of America will hold its own conference at the White and Blue Center, 122 Second Avenue. Mr. Jabotinsky will speak on the Betar ideology.

Session of the Revisionist and Betar conferences will be executive, except the opening meeting Saturday night.


Dr. Stephen S. Wise was charged with contributing to the defeat of the Zionist peace pact by Vladimir Jabotinsky, Revisionist chieftain, in an address at Burnside Manor, 71 West Burnside Avenue, the Bronx.

Mr. Jabotinsky said arbitration of industrial disputes in Palestine is the only sane policy. He deplored “unseemly” jubiliation of Zionists at the prosperity in Palestine.

“Now, in the time of boom, we must launch a concerted drive against the evils in the Mandatory system. We are ready to make many sacrifices if the other side is willing to unite for the purpose of arbitration and political action.”


1935 - The Hachsharah

New York City, March 31, 1935

Through the kindness of Harry Kline [??], Brith Trumpeldor of America will have the use of an extensive farm near Albany. All the Hachsharah activities of the Betar will be centered there. The farm will comprise 120 acres of fine land, a portion of which is covered by a lovely orchard.


A protest meeting against the acts of the Palestine government in depriving Abba Achimeyer, Dr. Yevin and L. Richter of their citizenship rights will be held today (Sunday) at the Center, 122 Second avenue.


Trumpeldor Rally, ,1935

Honor Trumpledor at Rally Tomorrow, March 15, 1935

The fifteenth anniversary of the death of Captain Joseph Trumpeldor will be commemorated tomorrow by the New York branch of Brith Trumpeldor at a meeting at the White and Blue Center, 122 Second avenue.

Speakers who will pay tribute to the memory of the Jewish hero, who met his death defending the colony of Tel-Hai against a horde of Bedouins in March, 1920, included Isaac Allen, Elias Ginsburg, William B. Ziff, David Mogilewsky and Ezediel Leikin. Joseph Beder, acting Netziv of the Betar


Thank You, Rabbi Morris Rose

The Reader’s Forum

To the Editor, Jewish Daily Bulletin:

I am one of the rabbis of the Central Conference who refused to endorse the resolution of Rabbi Israel for the following reasons:

(a) Practically all congregations in America consist of middle-class and capitalist Jews, and one cannot support Socialism in Palestine without endorsing it in America.

(b) No rabbi speaks as an individual, but rather is looked upon as the spokesman of his community. Surely 241 rabbis will be treated by our non-Jewish friends as the voice of Israel.

(c) I know too much about the Histadruth and their religious aspirations to suspect that they would encourage the Jewish faith in Palestine.

(d) I am a Revisionist since 1926 and attended the Second World Revisionist Conference and as a member of the presidium helped shape its program. I never remember anything that we discussed that had anything to do with Fascism.

(e) The Betar is merely a replica of the scout movement in America. As a rabbi I always supported the American scouts in spite of their brown uniforms. I am sure other rabbis did likewise. What may be good for America should also prove profitable for the Jewish people in Poland.

(f) In reference to social justice, I am sure that Rabbi Israel knows enough of Marxian theory to be able to distinguish between a philosophy of materialism and that of the Prophets to understand that the gulf is wide enough not to imply the same meaning.

(g) The class struggle is not necessarily the best method that will bring about social justice, and a knowledge of present-day conditions in Palestine may not prove to be very healthy under the circumstances.

Morris M. Rose,
Temple Sinai of Brooklyn.
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Feb. 7, 1935.


From the NYTimes obit:

RABBI MORRIS M. ROSEPublished: March 31, 1983

Rabbi Morris M. Rose, former leader of congregations in Brooklyn and Queens, and in Morgantown, W.Va., died of a stroke Saturday at University Hospital. He was 85 years old, and lived in Kew Gardens, Queens.

From 1929 to 1951, Rabbi Rose was the leader of Temple Sinai in the East New York section of Brooklyn. He then became leader of the Tree of Life Congregation in Morgantown, and at his death was rabbi emeritus of Temple Beth Israel in St. Albans, Queens. He was a former president of the Zionists-Revisionists of America.

He is survived by his wife, the former Etta Millens; a son, Rabbi Herbert H. Rose, of Boulder, Colo.; two sisters, Vicki Press of Miami, and Katie Halperin of Chicago; a brother, Rabbi Abraham J. Rose, of Quincy, Ill., and six grandchildren.

From 1929 on political Zionism:


Betar Cultural Activity, 1934

Bulletin Calendar of Events, January 28, 1934


Mass meeting and musical program of the Eastern District Gdud of Betar at Y.M. and Y.W.H.A. of Williamsburg, Broadway and Rodney Street, Brooklyn; evening.


February 11, 1934

First annual celebration, Betar of Eastern District, Borger’s Hall, 18 Graham avenue, Brooklyn, evening.


Bulletin Calendar of Events, April 29, 1934

Betar of Brooklyn, party and entertainment; 581 Miller avenue; evening.


Bulletin Calendar of Events, June 22, 1934

Friday, June 22

Brith Trumpeldor, dance and entertainment; Betar Camp, Richmond Valley, Staten Island; evening.


A 1933 Letter to the Editor

Even then:

Letters to the Editor
December 17, 1933
New York, Dec. 13, 1933.

To the Editor of the Jewish Daily Bulletin:

The Jewish Agency in Palestine, which represents neither the Jewish people nor even all the factions in Zionism, as well as some Jewish newspapers in this country, have condemned last Saturday’s Revisionist demonstration in Tel Aviv against the shameful round-ups and searches of Jews by the Palestine Government.

Before the Revisionist demonstration, the so-called Jewish Agency also protested against these measures of the Palestine Government. However, the Agency protest was so mild that it failed to impress the Government and the Palestinian Yishub, including a considerable part of the adherents of the party which controls the Agency, was bitterly disappointed. To vent the general feeling of indignation Jewish mass meetings were held throughout Palestine.

The degrading round-ups nevertheless continued. Temporary spies were recruited and the number of denounced tourists, who had allegedly settled in the country but had been pursuing their respective occupations peacefully, was growing daily. The Government had shamelessly goaded a number of boys into the foul business of spying by paying them one shilling for every denounced Jewish “head”.

Thus the situation in Palestine became more difficult from day to day and the disgrace unbearable. From the Diaspora the Yishub failed to receive the necessary moral support. The “white papers” and decrees of the British Government had robbed the Jews of much of their right under the Mandate ”but those decrees were restrictions”not persecution. Now, since the recent Arab riots, a policy of official persecution was inaugurated. A brazen, open hunt for “scalps” of Jews who had committed the crime of returning to their “national homeland” without the seal of approval of a British official, was begun. This policy was vigorously pursued, while the illegal entry of tens of thousands of Bedouins and dervishes from Transjordan, Syria and Egypt was condoned. (The Doar Hayom claims 200,000 such Arabs entered Palestine.) Such outrageous treatment is only comparable to the worst traditions of Czarist Russia and is a bloody mockery of the term “national home”. Small wonder that it struck terror into many hearts. A seventy-year old Jew, in fear that he might be deported, burned himself to death. Neither the Jewish press nor the Jewish Agency had commented on the gruesome incident.

Under the circumstances the human and national patience was bound to give way and it did. A number of young Jews who could no longer see their brethren chased like stray dogs and still retain their self-respect, arose in indignant protest. In the only one-hundred-percent Jewish town in the world—Tel Aviv —these young Jews, known as Revisionists, appeared in the streets with a whiteblue flag to remind Great Britain of her obligations. They marched peacefully. The police attempted to wrest from them the whiteblue symbol of the last national hope of their people, a symbol which in 1918 and 1919 British officers in the Jewish Legion were duty-bound to salute. This was unwarranted and provoking. The young men resisted and did not yield their banner. They were right. The masses, who know no political guiles and act upon a sound impulse, went to the aid of the young Revisionists. Thousands of them risking their lives battled soldiers and police for three hours. Deep must have been their rancor and fierce their scorn before these peace-loving men could have been thus carried away.

Because the outbreak came spontaneously there was all the more reason for the Palestine Government and the world to take notice. The world, as evidenced by the press, did. What would dignified leaders of a people with a healthy national instinct have done under the circumstances? They would have utilized the effect of the spontaneous outbreak or at least permitted it to sink in, in silence. But our official leaders unfortunately lack such an instinct. Instead of coming to the Government and saying: “See what your methods and policies have led the people to! Don’t you think it time to revise them?”, they came and apologized. They came and openly condemned the men and women who on the eve of Chanukah displayed signs of the old Maccabean spirit. The leaders weakened the force of the spontaneous protest.

With aching hearts and burning indignation do we condemn our condemners. We assert that their cowardly “sense of responsibility” is the height of irresponsibility and the main source of most of our political failures in Palestine. The verdict of history will be our verdict.

(signed) Elias Ginsburg, 
Chairman of Central Committee Zionist. Revisionist Organization and 
Notziv Betar in U.S.A. and Canada.

Note: Ginsburg served in the Jewish Legion and was arrested with Jabotinsky for conducting self-defense actions in Jerusalem during the April 1920 Arab riots.


When Betarim Went to 'Settle'

U.S. Betar Members Leave for Israel for Permanent SettlementNEW YORK (Oct. 8)
A group of five young people, members of Betar, the Revisionist youth organization, left here this week-end for permanent settlement in Israel. The will settle in the Betar colony of Mevoot Betar.


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Photos From The 2014, 5775, Azkara

It was good to be together last week. That annual reunion at the Mount Herzl Military Cemetery is the legacy of Eli and Chuck. So many of us are still friends, and Eli and Rena's children and now grandchildren know us, too.

May we meet at smachot!

Photos by Batya Medad

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American Betarim at the Reinterment of Lt. Col. John H. Patterson

At least five American Betarim attended the ceremony of the reinterment of the ashes of the commander of the Jewish Legion, John Henry Patterson.

Chaim Fischgrund, Nissan Teman, Reuven Genn:

Chaim Fischgrund, Yisrael Medad, Reuven Genn:

Moshe Arens:

Prime Minister BenjammnNetanyahu

P.S.  The BBC report.

With the Zionists in Gallipoli (free download)
With the Judaeans in the Palestine Campaign (free download)

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