Charles "Chuck" Haim Hornstein חיים (הרן) הורנשטיין הי"ד

A Chuck Hornstein Story - Or Gabi Frankel's Idea of a First Aid Lesson

Year : 1965 ! Place: Camp 
Scenario: We were all at various activities as the red truck, with Tzivka driving, heads down the hill toward  the main house.  All of a sudden we hear a screeching of breaks and a "thud".  We all look around and the truck is stopped half way down the hill by the Arts & Crafts building and there is a lot of screaming.  We run to the truck and find Chuck lying in front of the truck with "blood" oozing out from various "wounds".  And there is Gabi asking us (or should I say barking at us) what we were going to do to stop the bleeding and perform other immediate first aide.  Of course the entire stunt was staged and the blood was our best ketchup. The kicker is that Ellen Zwick is in the Arts and Crafts building when this happens.  She runs out to see what was going on and becomes hysterical.  I'm not sure who needed more tending to, Chuck or Ellen. When it was all over Chuck had a good laugh over the whole thing . Chuck loved to laugh. And it was a unique laugh.  If we all close our eyes real hard I am sure we can hear it now.

Bivrachat Shalom v Tel Hai


Courtesy of Ellen (Zwick) Lllinas

 Just now I read in the Times about the West Bank issue once again. It reminded me of a moment in time. It could have been the summer of 1971. Not sure. Chuck was home for the summer and driving a cab. I was attending the Art Student's League on 57th St. Chuck came to visit me during my break. He was on duty and when I think back, I now wonder, where did he park that cab? There were a lot of students in the lobby and somehow Chuck struck up a conversation with a guy about Israel giving back the West Bank. Chuck loved to debate important issues. He argued that countries don't give back land they win in a war. It became a bit heated. Nothing beyond words thank goodness. He was quite good at making his point


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