Thursday, September 7, 2023

Raid on Camp Shomriya, 1964

The report by Yeshayahu Lerman:

Michael Chayes, Eli Solomon, Naomi Atzmoni, Benny Rosen, Chuck Hornstein, Yishy Lehrman, Danny Epstein, Joey Grunberg, Tom Kovary, Mel Laytner, Uriel Messa, Yitz Aptowitzer, Rafi Gleich, Wally Chayes, Steve Shiffman. 

Len Fuld recalls of those summer camp raids:

I remember having to sneak out of my bunk to meet the chosen group of raiders at a specific time of night, hiking and jumping into the ditches on the side of a road when cars came by (getting a huge thorn in my thumb) and then being assigned to stand guard outside of the entrance to their camp.  It was thrilling for a kid my age as was the initial initiation meeting, again late at night, sworn to secrecy, standing by a barrel of burning wood.       



Izabela said...

Thanks for addressing real-life issues with such insight.

Hallux said...

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I have just finished recording the audiobook version of this book and I would love to be able to announce this news on the Betar forum. It will be available for sale within the next week or so.

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Thanks so much for keeping these ideas alive.

- Peter Lerman