Sunday, February 6, 2011

For The Historical Record: Polish Betar Uniforms

From a new Polish-language documentary on Betar, an advertisement displaying how a Betar uniform should appear for three different groups and I would assume they be chanichim, madrichim, mefakdim or perhaps ktzinei netzivut (?) or maybe according to age:

and Shlomo Ben-Yosef's uniform:

Any history of Betar uniforms in the US?

Where did the first ones come from?  Was an attempt made to copy the European style?  Where were they produced?  The Betar uniforms during the 40s seem to have been copied stylishly from army unifroms rather than scout dress.


Anonymous said...

"new Polish-language documentary" it is Yiddish sweet heart !!!

Andrew Smith said...

i used to see this is many movies in my late 70's in my fathers collection. they are cute to look at how many people used this clothes.

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