Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another from the 1963 Bet Sefer L'Madrichim

(L-R) Back Row: Reuven Genn, Benny Rosen, Alan Berg, Chaim Frydman, Yona Ferman, Nisan Teman, Baruch Kraus, David Sprung, Chuck Hornstein z"l 
Middle Row: Tzvi Neuwirth, Joey Grunberg, ?, Eli Solomon z"l, Danny Fields
Seated: Elinoar Sprung, Marcie Rosen, Aviva Stone ? Lucy/Leah Cohen


Shachna Waxman said...

Middle row also Joey Grunberg, looks like Wally Chayes?, and Danny Fields
back Row also: Alan berg, Noah Baer

Anonymous said...

Front row center is the late Aviva Stone z"l.
Nissan Teman

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