Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bet Sefer L'Madrichim

Barak Koffler has been very busy scanning pictures for us (see the previous two posts as well) and deserves a hearty 'kol hakovod'. Here's a photo of taken at the end of a "Bet Sefer L'madrichim" held after the campers went home. I attended the one in the 1966 where Barak was one of the mefakdim. I distinctly remember he was in charge of the clean-up roster in the dining room.
Tuvia Schwartz (z"l) inspecting some of the participants in Bet Sefer in the mid-1960s.
This was on the Misdar grounds, at graduation on the final day.
At far right: I cannot remember his name (but maybe somebody can)
Next left Baruch Kraus, Shachna Waxman, Barak Koffler (Tuvia Schwartz shaking his hand, David Blobstein, next person is completely hidden except for the hat,is hidden, next: Joe Grunberg, next Mel (Moshe) Laytner, next Chuck (Haim) Hornstein (hy"d) next, Eli Solomon (hy"d) and the last person holding the flag is unidentifiable.

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