Friday, February 15, 2008

The Waiters

We were a motley crew in 1964. With Benny Rosen as our counselor. Our Kvutza was Rak Kach, our emblem the Shtei Gadot with a torch being held by two hands. And we wrote a song to the tune of Alei Barikadot..........

We're a Kvutzah in Betar, we're the waiters from dawn to dark
We're the terrors by far, from here to Bradley's Bar
With Rack Kach as our name, and the spirit of Etzel or fame
We will work, we will fight, we will win every night
To hell with Shomriah, and the nazi fascist youth
Jordanians, Egyptians, and the bloody Syrians too
Rak kach, we're the waiters of Camp Betar
Rak kach doesn't matter what the odds are
The British forgotten, our State has been gotten
Now Rak Kach for Shtei Gadot

So, who were we?
We were: Chaim Hornstein Z"L, Chuck Waxman, Ehud Sperling, Joey Grunberg, Steve shifman, Walter & Michael Chayes, Tom Kovary, Uriel Messa (the fanmous photographer), Chuck Marsden, Mel Laytner, Steve Pickel. And then their were the girls, whose counselor was Malka Mezahav. The only ones I recognize are Linda Fuld and Linda Sclafani - but there were 5 more!

If I remember correctly, the kitchen staff quit after the first week and we had to wash the dishes that shabbat.

And then there was the rain hike. On one of our day's off we decided to hike with the rest of the older bunks to Loch Shledrake and back. Well on the way back the skies opened up. They sent the truck (Tzvi and the Red Truck) to pick everyone up. That took a number of trips. When it was our turn, we were so wet alreay that we decided to finish the hike back to camp. When we got back we put on put bathing suits and decided to shower(with soap) in the rain. Benny was mad as helll at us. Never heard a sailor curse so loudly!!


Batya said...

No pics?

Shachna Waxman said...

I don't iown a scanner and need to get one soon!!!

Shabbat Shalom

Shachna Waxman said...

Just remembererd our other Counselor - Amos from Israel - don't remember his last name

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