Monday, March 10, 2008

Betar Protest Against Sinai Withdrawal 1957

Betar Demonstration in Jan. 1957 against the withdrawal from Sinai
in front of the Israeli Consulate in NY - photos from Steve Adler
Natziv Yitzhak Heimowitz presenting and reading a letter of protest against the withdrawal from Sinai to the Israeli Consul Esther Herlitz.
(above)Standing on the left is Mischa Abramov
(above)In front holding a sign is Steve Adler
Holding the sign is Gil Henkin (right)


Batya said...

Posts like these recent ones make this blog a great historical research document.

Anonymous said...

Hi, friends--

Recently I've been thinking about a classmate of mine at Columbia, Gil Henkin, and found a photo of him here. Years ago I heard a rumor that he'd died, but nothing more than that.

If anyone can give me more details about Gil, I'd be grateful. I recall him as a young man of remarkable grace and intelligence.

With thanks,

Crawford Kilian
Columbia College 1962