Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More from Barak

These two are of Benny Rosen, sometime in the mid 60's

The top one was the result of a raid by our camp on a nearby Hashomer Hatzair Camp (Camp Shomria).

Tzvi Neuwirth silently ran a truckload of us raiders down the hill past the camp Main House, with the engine off. Then we drove to Shomria. After leaving notice that we had raided them, in several ways --including temporarily disabling their walk-in refrigerator, we came back to Neversink and went to sleep.

Some nights afterwards, Some of their Madrichim and Madrichot raided our camp.

They tried a few things on us, but they were captured by our efficient Shmira service. We held them in jail until early next morning, then let them go back to their own camp.

In this posed photo, we gave them each an unloaded rifle and they appeared to be holding Benny Rosen hostage. One of the Shomria Madrichot has her hands up too, so maybe she was a little confused!

The other photos was taken at the airport outside New York City, when Rosh Betar's remains were disinterred, and flown back to Israel for permanent burial there.

To the left of Benny, in the T-shirt and sailor hat, is Rafi Gleich.

The first one is Shlomo Ariav, the Betar Shaliach in 1964. Here he is sound asleep on the ground after a very exhausting day. I am not sure what exhausted him so, but he obviously needed this break!

The second photo is a group pose of some of the senior members of Machoz Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the early 1960s.

We were assembled as a Receiving Party, awaiting the arrival of Menachem Begin and his wife Aliza, at the airport in Toronto.

We later attended a small private reception for them in somebody's home, where he autographed copies of "The Revolt" -- I still have my autographed copy at my home.

Among those that I remember in this photo, are -- standing, from far left: Mel (Moshe) Starkman, Sheldon (Yishayahu) Lerman, Annie Jacobs, Zamira Miller (now Rajchgod), next ?, and me, Barak Koffler at far right.

Kneeling at the bottom, is Harry Wolle. and I do not remember the name of the young woman beside him.

Best Regards,
Bruce Barak Koffler

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