Sunday, April 6, 2008

One of Betar's Best at Amatzia

Many Betarim passed through Moshave Amatzia in the Lachish region as part of their Machon year.

Amatzia was first established by a Noar Lomed v'Oved garin and after the Sinai campaign was taken over by Betar. The long border facing the Hebron Hills was for all intents and purposes wide open and the route between Hebron and Gaza went right through the area.

One North American Betari that moved to Amatzia was Benjamin Rappaport from Brooklyn. He's been seen in other pictures here. He and his wife Aliza have been there almost 45 years now but we hope he comments on this and other Betarim will recall their Amatzia stories as well.

Ben Rappaport, Amatzia, 1975


Shachna Waxman said...

My first visit to Amatzia was in 1970. I took the bus to Kiryat Gat and then I think Benny picked me up.Benny took me out to shout my first Uzi. It was a nice visit. and we hope to see Benny and Aliza in 4 weeks when we are back in Israel


Diron Talbertson said...

You have a great group. Zionists.
They all seem to have disappeared, except for Betar.

Good for you. Habonim has really become so politically correct. Congratulations to Betar.