Sunday, May 25, 2008

Two More Camp Photos

Benjy Aharoni sent these:-


and Benjy adds identification for the color photo:

From left to right along the top:
1. Chaim Fishgrund, 2. Mark Polan(?), 3. Pinky somebody from Israel, 4. Gerry Kandel's then future wife (what was her name?)(?), 5. Sandra somebody, 6. Gilda Dangot, 7. Seth Lubin, 8. Marty Erdfarb, 9. Wally Chayes, 10. Danny Epstein (below Wally), 11. George Feldman, 12. Barry LIben (below Geo. Feldman), 13. Mitch Karp, 14. Lenny Fuld (wearing glasses, under Mitch ), 15. Jimmy Fischer, 16. Josh Scharf, 17. Laurie Parker, 18. Martin Notes (extreme right with reddish hair), 19. David Sebag (below Lenny Fuld), 20. another Sandy (with short reddish hair, white t-shirt with blue trim), 21. Denise Levy (gold t-shirt), 22. Sharon Lebenberg (long brown hair), 23. Bella Potak, 24. Dahlia Neuman, Susie Riesenberg, 25. Ilana Lewin, 26. Avi somebody, 27 Dana Szycer (left of Fred Peerce), 28. Fred Peerce, 29. Kenny Fried, 30. Gerry Kandel, 31. Chuck Waxman, 32. Diane Bloom, 33. ??, 34. Paul Maas (lower right corner). One of the girls sitting on a bench in the back, right by Chaim Fischgrund is Rose Ruchlemmer.


Steve A. said...

What year were the pictures taken?
Steve A.

YMedad said...

Benjy wrote 68-69?

YMedad said...

Thanks for the picture and the memories. The person identified as "Pinkey someone" is Shlomo Tzidkiyahu - he and his wife Tamira came as shlichim to the Machaneh I guess in 1968 or 1969

Chaim Fischgrund

Paul said...

It was my only summer at camp Betar so... it was 1969 100 percent
The same summer that we put Benji Ahroni's car on the misdar block

Paul Maas

Shachna Waxman said...

Looks like my last year in camp.
Oh, memories

Shachna Waxman said...

The view from the misdar grounds was always spectacular

Josh said...

That was truly a long time ago... I think that was the year I learned how to fix toilets at Camp Betar -- a skill that has proven to be quite useful. Between that and shooting M1 rifles, what else does a person really need?

Shachna Waxman said...

You left our Julius Freulich (from Canada) and Eilene Solomon Z"L (behind Freddy and Gerry)


Anonymous said...

That was my first of three years at Betar - the best summers of my youth. I was even able to find myself in the group picture. In searching I was able to recognize so many long ago friends. I am sorry to hear of the loss of Eileen Solomon. She was a wonderful person.

Karen Stein