Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bet Sefer L'Madrichim 1968

Winkie is on the steps. Kinsberg (?) to his right. Chaim Ordina (?) on the porch.
Joel Rich, , Skolnik, JJ Steinberg, 8th from rear Kiczales sister

and this addition:

I just saw the color war photo taken in front of the Chedder Ochel, and I
think I can identify a few more people.

To Nancy Dallek's left is Susie Reisenberg - I think.
To Eileen Solomon's right is Lenny Fuld, Josh Scharf, ?, and Seth Lubin.
Just above Eileen's left arm is Kenny Fried with the hair in his right eye.

Tel Chai,


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Shachna Waxman said...

Looks like Baruch to your left; Susie Reasenberg to Joel's right; Shmulie Marcus -last boy in first group