Friday, August 29, 2008

International Betar Cooperation

Below is an example of World Betar cooperation.

In March 1971, a half year after my Aliyah, together with my wife Batya, while managing the Betar Student & Youth Hostel in Jerusalem's Old City (in the Kukiya House, where the Plugat HaKotel was stationed in 1938 and where an Irgun slick of arms was fashioned between the walls), a group of Betarim and others was unceremoniously removed from the Temple Mount on Ta'anit Esther.

As we left the gate area, we were set upon by some Ishmaelites and a close dialogue was immediately created, as you can see below in the picture that appeared on the front page of Yedioth Aharonot:-

From l-r: Yours truly, Yisrael Medad (USA/Israel); (?); Marcel Cohen [with back to camera] (France); David Darmon (former Mefaked Machoz Paris); Adi Halperin (Israel); Yossie Uziel, aka "Catastropha" [in white turtleneck] (Israel).

In the above confrontation, we won but only after Darmon had his forehead slashed and I, in a desperate defensive move, emptied a whole carton of oranges faster than any pitching-machine could.

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