Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pix and Clipping from Steve Adler

The below is a picture and part of a news clipping (Mordechai ben Emek is Morty Dolinsky z"l) of a demonstration against the shipment of American Tanks to Saudi Arabia. I think in the winter of 1957.
I ,who is on the right of the picture and the guy standing behind me, Zvi Abusch a Bnei Akiva madrich ,organized a walk out of over 200 kids from Manhattan Talmudical Academy to participate in the demonstration. I think it was the first and only time that there was cooperation in a demonstration of both movements.The school administration wanted to throw us out of school but through the intervention of Rabbi Louis Bernstein, one of the teachers who latter became the president of the US Mizrachi, we were suspended for only 3 days.

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