Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Betarim At Begin Center Event Honoring Elitzur Friedman

The Annual Itzhak "Elitzur" Friedman Lecture, sponsored by the Friedman Family in conjunction with the Begin Center, took place Monday evening in Jerusalem. The event is described here.

And here are the pictures:

(l-r) Wilma Friedman, Estelle Friedman, Freda Hurwitz, Miriam Arens

The Friedmans

In the second row, Dave and Miriam Krakow

(l-r) Izzy Herman and wife; Shmuel Adler (kneeling); Aaron Bashani-Braunstein; Winkie; Moshe Brodetzky; Chaim Fishgrund; ? ; Miriam Krakow; Aaron Kinsberg

Same crew, different arrangement, minus Aaron Kinsberg

Moshe Brodetzy and Aaron Bashani and wives

(l-r) Aaron Kinsberg and wife; Chaim Fishgrund

Moshe Arens and Danny Krakow

Joanthan Friedman (in front row)

(r-l) Jonathan friedman and Mischa Arens

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