Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rena's 40th Aliyah Anniversary Party

Rena Genn invited family and friends over to the Genn residence in Karkur today to celebrate 40 years since her Aliyah.

Food, drinks, camaraderie and some stories.

A few pictures:

Rina and Reuven listening

Reuven talking

Rina and to her left, her mother, Helen Epstein and Eli Solomon's mother,Evelyn,

Shlomo "Bubby" Ariav

(l. to r.) Elinoar, Chaim Fischgrund, Nissan Teman and Yisrael "Winkie" Medad

Elinoar, Helen Epstein and Tammy and Debbie in the background

Emily Udler with her son, Daniel

And here are some pics from the party at the airport lounge 40 years ago:

Rina and Frieda z"l:

Chaim Fischgrund, Emily Udler and Rina:

Rina (background) Nissan and Eli z"l:

Eileen z"l and Winkie:


Shachna Waxman said...

Mazal Tov v'hatzlacha raba!


Batya said...

I included this in Israel At 61!.