Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The 1969 J'Accuse Pompidou Demo

In early 1969, Jacques Pompidou arrived in New York and Betar decided to protest his anti-Israel position and statements. I even think that the NY Zionist Youth Council printed off rolls of round stickers for the subways, etc. and announcing a major demo near the UN with the logo: "J'Accuse, Pompidou".

The separate Betar action was planned to be a sit-down in front of the French Consulate-General on Fifth Avenue.

Instead of managing to get our backs to the building, when we dashed across from Central Park, the presence of closing in police, I recall, forced us to basically end up lined out towards the street making it a very short game of "embassy drag".

Here's Barry Liben being escorted away:

I seem to recall another photo that made it into either the Post or Mirror with Barry, with handcuffs on, having his arms raised behind him and a very painful expression on his face.

Can I ask the Betarim:

a) anyone have any other momentos that we can scan? clippings?

b) who participated?

c) personal reminisces?



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