Monday, July 12, 2010

Jabotinsky's Yahrtzeit At Mt. Herzl

The American Betar delegation this year included (l-r)

Chaim Fischgrund; Shmuel/Steve Adler; Nissan Teman; Yisrael Medad (photo taken by honorary Betariah Chandi Medad, born on 29th Tammuz) :-

Yisrael Medad met up with former Natziv France Jacques Kupfer (they once stormed the stage of the 1971 Zionist Congress to prevent a motion of support for UJS after they supplied blood to Fatah):-


Anonymous said...

Marci/Miriam writes:

On the top left it is Zvi Neuwirth, Benny,Mordechai Vachman, Reuven, ?, Eitan Frydman, ?,?,Eddie Rosen, Big Ben, ?,?, Gerry Kandel, Eli Soloman, Tuvia Schwartz, Manny and Barak.

Bottom row: Pam Vachman, Gila (Canada), ?, Me,can't make out the other faces - need my glasses, but the last 3 are: Elinoar Ariav, Heather and Sylvia
Sarah Frankel and Danny Rosing are in the center. What memories!!!!! It was a gr8 summer. Sarah Schwartzberg should be in that row too.

Anonymous said...

Big Ben Rappaport writes:

Sylvia Fried - Heather & Danny Rosing - Zippy - Elinoar - Zvi Neuworth - Pam & Moderchai Vachman - Benny - Marci - Eddy Rosen - Gerry Kandel _Eli z"l -
I believe Sara from Canada

Anonymous said...

the first year that the Canadians came to camp

Shachna Waxman said...

Definitely 1963
Between Reuven and Eitan - Yedidya Solovechick?
To the left of Eddie Rosen - Alan Berg
Between Chaim and Gerry - Bernie Marenbach?
Camp Staff picture