Friday, October 29, 2010

A Picture of Chuck and Other Betarim

This picture was given to me by Nissan Teman and was taken in 1964.  I am fairly sure that it was after the first Israel Day Parade down, then, Lexington Avenue - which was before they moved it to Fifth, but I could be mistaken (see comments below) as I joined Betar only in the Fall of 1964.  That should be Central Park.

From L-R: Danny Epstein, Elinoar Ariav, Chaim Chuck Hornstein, Baruch Kraus, Reuven Genn, David Sprung and Aaaron Kinsberg.

Please add in comments any corrections of additional info.


Nissan Teman said...

The picture is not from an Israel Day Parade. If my memory does not fail me I took the picture at a Soviet Jewry rally held at Strauss Square in downtown Manhattan, lower East Side, around East Broadway and Essex. It was in the fall of 1964. I am pretty sure I have the original with a date or at least month imprinted on the print. I don't remember who spoke at the rally. I think I took two or three pictures at that rally, as I think there is at least one other picture taken at the rally with Nachman Ekstein and Eli Solomon present. As for the fellow standing next to David Sprung in the picture you posted it is not Aaron Kinsberg, but a fellow who was in my class at YU named Michael Paikin, I think, He was active in NCSY and was a good friend of Casey Sugarman, and both started coming to Betar-I think Casey is in another one of the pictures I took that day. I will have to take a look. I think it was decided the Betarim would not be in uniform for the rally and that is why most were not, and Sprung had a jacket over his.

Of course it is easy to mistake one person for another. There was a picture posted on the blog a while back of some Betarim by the former grave of Rosh Betar and some girl was said to be Aviva Stone. No way. Those of us who knew her could recognize her with her clothes on or off. The picture was taken long before Aviva ever was in Betar and there is no resemblance to her. But than again, I have no idea who the girl is.

YMedad said...

Yes, I remember that SSSJ rally. If you say so. The date on the photo is Oct 1964 so it would fit.

Jeff Maas said...

Jeff Maas adds:

I think that the photo was taken by Riverside Park.

Aaron K said...

1. Not an Israel Day Parade; no one was in Tilboshet.
2. SSSJ Rally? Again, no Tiboshet.
3. No it wasn't me. Maybe Chaim Friedman?