Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dance Group 1958 Picture and 1957 Program

Above is the Betar Dance group that participated in the 7th Israel Dance festival held at Hunter College NY in 1958

Steve Adler identifies them as:

From L-R boys: Gil Henkin, Mischa Abramov, Yerachmiel Shane, Steve Adler, Aharon Bashani- Braunstien.

Girls: Phyllis Haller.  The rest he does not remember and perhaps others can fill in.

Here is the program from the previous year, 1957, when it was held at Hunter College 1957 with the names of the Betar participations. I think this was the first time that Betar participated.

We danced to Hava netzei Bemachol and Al Tira. Danny Dassa was our director and choreographer.

Steve A.:

On Dani Dassa, here and also here.

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YMedad said...

Aaron Bashani writes in 2017:
From right to left:
Aaron Bashani
Steve Adler
Yerachmiel Shain
Misha Abramoff
Gil Henkin, z'l with Phyllis Haller
(she married Elisha Cooper, z'l, Machon, 1956-57)

Our dance instructor was Dani Dassa