Monday, February 7, 2011

In Memory of Motel Kreiner

Report from Yitz Heimowitz:

Last night Supersol sponsored an extraordinary and well deserved tribute to Motel Kreiner at a full Givatayim Theater. In word, picture and music it was acknowledged that Motel was the man who brought about and led the revolution in Israel from the Mom & Pop grocery age to the supermarket age.

Actually Motel led not only Supersol, but the entire country. The Histadrut opened many more supermarkets in Israel than the private sector could, but they were clueless about how to operate them, so they imitated what Motel did. Motel correctly regarded what he did as part of the Zionist endeavor to build Israel economically. Last night all the titans of the Israel food industry gave him heartfelt acknowledgment for what he did.

Two scholarships were awarded to children of Supersol workers, one funded by the Kreiner family and the other by the company. Motel & Iris's Betar background and ideals were fully documented.

Many American Betarim were present. The following is a list of those I saw, with apologies to anyone I left out: First and foremost, Iris. Also Misha & Muriel Arens, Steve & Shiffy Adler, Izzy & Sandy Herman, Gloria Heller, Daniel & Naomi Stolper, Jack Friedgut and Phyllis & Yitzhak Heimowitz.

Anyone who was there can tell you that what I wrote above do not do justice to the wonderful event.


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