Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gershon Kremer z"l

Moshe Brodetzky sent this in:

Gershon Kremer, of Ken Betar Philadelphia, a Jewish War Veteran of WW2, architect by profession, who made Aliyah in 1947, joined the ETZEL in Yerushalayim who was among the first residents of MAALEh ADUMIM passed away before Pesach on Wednesday 13th of April.

Condolences to his widow SIMA at 02-5353874; 39 Hashofer St., Maaleh Adumim and son Yonatan amd daughter-in-law Carol Kremer 02-5356550.

Yehe zichro baruch.

Yehuda Lapidot mentions him:

...The repulsion of the Legion attack in Shmuel Hanavi Street and Notre Dame did much to raise the spirits of the Jewish defenders.

The next day the Legion was active along the northern front. After artillery shelling, the infantry advanced from the Police Academy towards the Pagi buildings. The Legionnaires succeeded in reaching the fence of the Sanhedria cemetery, but were repelled by heavy gunfire. Ben-Zion Rothenstein, an American, was assigned to one of the posts. As a veteran of the US forces in World War Two, he had received a study grant, which he was using to attend the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. When the fighting broke out, all American nationals were advised to leave the country, but Ben-Zion, together with several of his friends (including Moshe Brodetzky and Gershon Kremer) chose to join the Irgun instead and to take part in the defence of Jerusalem...


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