Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Salute to Israel Parade

An article on Ted Comet's role in founding the Parade is in The Forward.

Here's a picture from a previous early Parade:

That's (l-r) Chaim Fischgrund, Marty Rein and Yisrael Medad.

The year?  Either 1965 or 1966.



David Sprung said...

And who knows that we are the ones that started it against the wishes of the establishment and the Consulate!

Shachna - Chuck Waxman said...

Ah yes I remember that first parade well


We - the Zionist Youth Groups and maybe some schools assembled on the east side, marched down 72nd street into the park and then congregated at the bandshell. There were some speeches and then we had a wonderful kumzits in the park. I think I may have some pictures from that year or are they from 1966???

David - you led the Mishmar HaKovod; I carried a rifle but have no memory of who else was in the plugah.

YMedad said...

at the Israel Dance Festival of 1965, the Betar rows, some 50 strong, greeted Ted when he came out to greet as whatever of the AZYF, raised their voices loud with the chant: RED VOMIT

Chaim Fischrund said...

It must have been 1966. In 1965 I was scheduled for an interview at YU which they refused to change. I went to the parade directly from the interview