Sunday, September 16, 2012

And Fifty Years Later

Aaron Bashani clarifies:

I'm attaching a picture from the 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration on Sept 4th of Valerie and Ralph Shain.  Several of us attending were at the wedding itself 50 years ago in Jerusalem.

In the picture you will see the following Betarim:  Yona Ferman, Iris Kreiner, Phyllis Goodman Heimowitz, Yitzchak Heimowitz, Eunice Heimowitz Leibowitz, Sandy August Herman, Yisrael Izzy Herman, and Aaron's Bashani Braunstien's jacket. And family members: Eunice's husband, plus David Heimowitz and wife. Yona is holding an ObamaBank.  Steve (who was also at the wedding!) sent his regrets.

We're expecting a full group picture with Aaron, Valerie and Ralph soon.

Tel Hai and leShanaTova Tekatevu,

Aaron Bashani



Batya said...

You look wonderful, let's have more celebrations!

Anonymous said...

I was surfing the net and came across your blog. It was really nice to see your picture. I have many happy memories from camp and I just loved Phyllis Goodman. She was really good to me and a very special lady. Cecelia Nedlin