Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Betar Pics Circa 1965

From Dovid Skolnick

On the parade ground at Camp. Dovid (l.) and Yisrael Medad (r.)

The Bronx Moadon.

The Bronx Moadon.

At Camp.


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Shachna said...

These pictures bring back great memories.......
1-Winky and Dov Skolnick in Camp
2-Reuven Genn, possibly Eddie Rosen, Chaim Frydman - can't make out the others
3-A very young Eileen Solomon, possibly Avi Udler, Shlomi Levi, Wally Chayes, possibly Eli in the back row
4- And of course the famous, famous obstacle course wall in camp - how many broken whatever's did it cause????