Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ben & Aliza Rappaport's 50th Wedding Anniversary


Mazal Tov!

Top left row (more or less);
Nissan Teman, Reuven Genn, Zev (Emily’s friend), Emily Udler, Galia Sprung, Danny Rosing,
David Sprung, Sara & Marek (Aliza’s brother & sister-in-law) Bobbie & Steve (friends from USA who happened to be visiting here), Aryeh Ben-Ami (Aryeh Fallows)

Left, second row;
Chaim Fischgrund, Rhisa Teman, Rena Genn, Ilana Kraus, Heather Rosing, Zipporah (Zippy) Ariav, Elinoar Sprung

Front row;
Baruch Kraus, Harriet Fischgrund, Yair Rappaport, Ben Rappaport, Aliza Rappaport, Liora Levy-(nee Rappaport).

Sitting and kneeling;
Gabi and Marcel friends from Amatzia


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Annie83 said...

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