Wednesday, December 24, 2014

When Jabotinsky Spoke on Second Avenue (and in The Bronx)

National Parley of Revisionists Opened Here
April 7, 1935

The second national conference of the Zionist Revisionist Organization of America was to convene at the Hotel Edison Saturday night. Hundreds of delegates from numerous cities throughout the United States and Canada had registered up to Friday midnight.

Vladimir Jabotinsky was to deliver the principal address at the opening session, outlining the policies of the World Union of Zionist Revisionists, of which he is the head, and the course of action to be pursued in the future by this organization.

The conference will continue its session today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Monday). Before adjournment addresses are scheduled to be made by Elias Ginsburg, William B. Ziff, Mme. Adina Grodzins, L. Altman, M. Danzis, S. Spring and others, who will discuss the various phases of Revisionist work.

Tomorrow afternoon the Brith Trumpeldor of America will hold its own conference at the White and Blue Center, 122 Second Avenue. Mr. Jabotinsky will speak on the Betar ideology.

Session of the Revisionist and Betar conferences will be executive, except the opening meeting Saturday night.


Dr. Stephen S. Wise was charged with contributing to the defeat of the Zionist peace pact by Vladimir Jabotinsky, Revisionist chieftain, in an address at Burnside Manor, 71 West Burnside Avenue, the Bronx.

Mr. Jabotinsky said arbitration of industrial disputes in Palestine is the only sane policy. He deplored “unseemly” jubiliation of Zionists at the prosperity in Palestine.

“Now, in the time of boom, we must launch a concerted drive against the evils in the Mandatory system. We are ready to make many sacrifices if the other side is willing to unite for the purpose of arbitration and political action.”


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