Thursday, December 17, 2015

More Camp Photographs from Barak Koffler

Kalaut - Chuck Waxman in the beret with George Feldman on the mat. The guy in the background is me, Dovid Skolnick. There is another pic of the lesson with Barak holding up an M-1 and I am in the same position.  I even recognized the clothes I was wearing.

Bet Sefer: Left to right - ?, Baruch Kraus, Chuck Waxman, Barak Kofler, David Blobstein, Tuvia Schwartz, Joey Grunberg, Mel Laytner, Chuck Hornstein z'l, Eli Solomon z'l , ?  

Arab Night : Bella Bryks-Klein, Barak Koffler 

Benny Rosen at far right.

On platform, from left: Gerry Kandel  Tuvia Schwartz , Benny Rosen, Gabi (Frankel) Szego.
Facing platform: Baruch Kraus, Chuck Waxman, Barak Koffler

Naomi Atzmoni and Emily Scherz 

Amos Erez

Mella Pollacheck, ?, Tommy Kovary



Anonymous said...

The "Arab" beside Bella Bryks in photo 17, "Arab Night", was not Fred Lisker. That was me.

I used an eyebrow pencil to make a moustache and draw a beard along the edge of my lower jaw. The sunglasses were for disguise and to make me look slightly mysterious.

In that dark room, I couldn't see very much with the sunglasses on.

Even after more than 50 years, few recognized me in that photo!

We wore bed sheets for robes.

Risa Tzohar said...

And 50 years later you are still annoymous!