Thursday, June 30, 2016

Jabotinsky 1926 US Letter

Jabotinsky's first visit to the US, organized by Sol Hurok, began in late January 1926.

What happened:

Resolution Adopted by Majority of 90 to 35; 50 Delegates Leave Convention in Protest; Action Taken Following Acrimonious Debate of Six Hours; Peace Resolution of Barondess Rejected; Jabotinsky and Judge Strahl, Lipsky and Goldberg Load Fight.Endorsement of the program of the League of Zionist-Revisionists, the group within the Zionist movement which is in opposition to the policy of the present Zionist Executive, was given by a majority of 90 to 35 votes at the final session of the seventeenth annual convention of the Order Sons of Zion held in Long Branch, N. J. The Order has a membership of approximately 5,000.The essentials of the program of the League of Zionist-Revisionists, as formulated by the League, are:“1. Aim of Zionism: A Jewish majority in Palestine.“2. Opening up of Transjordania for Jewish colonization.“3. An Agrarian Reform, transforming all the waste lands of Palestine into a Land Reserve for colonization.“4. A Custom Tariff Reform for the protection of local industries.“5. Re-establishment of the Jewish Regiment as permanent part of the British garrison.“6. Extension of the Jewish Agency on the basis of democratic election and of joint responsibility of the whole Agency before the Zionist Congress.”Fifty opposing delegates left the convention following the vote on the resolution. These delegates presented a statement criticizing the action of the convention.


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