Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Salute to Israel Parade Pictures

Courtesy of Chuck (Shachna) Waxman [see at end for additional identifications]:

L-R: Aaron Goldberg, Chuck (Haim) Hornstein, Risa Rich (Tzohar),
Chaim Fischgrund, Dov Skolnik, Shachna Waxman, Danny Epstein, Jerry (Yosef) Kandel

R-L: Reuven Genn, Myron Buchman, 

Reuven Genn, Avi Udler, Aaron Goldberg. To left of Danny Epstein (neckerchief) is Alan Berg

Chuck (Shachna) Waxman, 1965

Center: Aaron Goldberg (with flag), Myron Buchman (standing),  
(in the kerchief) Dora Kiczales

Foreground: Mel Laytner, Mella Pollachek, Myron Buchman,
Second row, left: Reuven Miller,

Center: Tzvi Briks, far right: Moshe Kiczales, first on right with
back to camera: Benji Roth (?). On left, sideview: Danny Schultz, and 
with back to camera with kippah, Yaakov Sklar.

More pictures here.

At the Bandshell after the Parade:

L-R: Chaim Fischgrund, Marty Rein, Yisrael (Winkie) Medad

Winkie and daughter She'era, 1977


UPDATE from Chuck:

Pic 1:
To Aharon's right is Mel Laytner; behind Risa is Mella; between me and Jerry is Danny Epstein

Pic 2:
Behind Reuven's left shoulder is Avi Udler to his right is Aaron Broges; in front of Aaron is Nirit; to Bucky's right is Ellen Zwick and to her right is Jeff Maas, with Mark Steiman on the trumpet and Johnny Braun at the far right behind Alan Berg. 

Pic 3:
Benny Rosen between Avi and Reuven; Baruch Kraus to the right of Avi with the glasses with Chaim Fishgrund behind him; Aharon Goldberg "behind" Reuven - looking down and Danny Epstein to the left side of the circle wearing the hat and "kerchief"

Pic 4::
Aaron Broges on the left; Mella Pollacheck in from of him and Marcie Rosen to Mella's left.



Anonymous said...

From a note from Chuck:

First parade I marched in was 1965 - was part of Mishmar Ha'Kavod led by David Sprung - carried a rifle.
Began as Mefaked of Mishmar Ha'Kavod in 1966 and held that position through 1972 (?)
1966 was the rain parade (last pic may be from '65)
1967 we marched on Riverside Drive.

Anonymous said...

From Chaim Fischgrund:

In 1965 I was not yet that active in Betar, I was just beginning to come to a few Peulot. I was a senior in the Yeshiva of Flatbush HS. One of the teachers was Ephraim Shach, son of the famous Rabbi Elazar Shach head of the Ponevezh Yeshiva. Ephraim was in the ETZEL (his life story is important in itself) and at the time a Shaliach in NY. He told me about the parade. I went as an observer and saw the Betar contingent, some of whom I knew. I paraded during the following few years. That year I also participated in what I believe was the first demonstration demanding the release of the Jews of the Soviet Union

Batya said...

Bella, not Mella?