Sunday, October 15, 2017

Camp Betar at Neversink - First Season 1951

We now have a referenced confirmation of when the property at Neversink, N.Y. was purchased and when was the first season there of Camp Betar.




Update from Yitz Hemowitz:
I was the one who drew the plans for the buildings.  They were built by a carpenter,  Mr. John Mosier assisted by Betarim.  In 1951 the entire camp lived in the main building down the hill.  In 1952 we built two bunks on the hill.  In 1953 we built another two double bunks on the other side of the hill, so all the campers lived in the bunks.  (The older kids called "Yarden" slept in tents, as did the Bet Sefer.) In 1954 (or maybe 1953) we built the dining hall, which included the head counselor's office.
 Then we built the Rec Hall, in which I had no part.  Some time later they built the swimming pool.  When Mr. Mosier wanted to encourage the working Betarim, he called out, "Klap naigel, man!"

Yitzhak Heimowitz


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