Friday, January 12, 2018

Coney Island, 1933

An item in Hazit Ha'Am, June 30, 1933, reporting on World Betar news, includes such details that a new branch of North American Betar opened at Coney Island:

and that a new monthly magazine, in English and Hebrew will be appearing.

Other countries mentioned there include China (Harbin) where a future Etzel commander, Robert Bitker is appointed Mefaked, Czechoslovakia (East Slovakia & Russian Carpathia), Austria and Switzerland.


On another page, Elias Ginsburg, former Jewish Legionnaire and Betar activist leader, writes from New York:

"But what has happened in Germany since Hitler's ascension to rule cannot be described as simple anti-Semitism any more.  This is not a wave of persecutions of Jews, but a movement to exterminate the Jews.  It does not wish to restrict the rights of Jews but to deny them from Jews totally."


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