Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Egyptian Consulate Takeover 1956

Former Netziv Steve Adler supplied the following montage of newspaper clippings relating to Betar's takeover pf the Egyptian consulate in New York:

The Herut newspaper reported on April 15, copying a UP item, that 22 members of Betar, mostly 15-16 years old, took over the offices of Egypt's NY Consulate, conducted memorial prayers for Israelis killed at Shafir by the Egyptian Army and the Fedayeen terrorist, 

sang Hebrew songs and then the American national anthem before leaving.  They stayed in the offices of an hour and a half and the police, while not arresting them, took down their personal details:

I hope to update this and ask for any personal testimonies of participants, etc.


This clipping, UP quoting Al Ahram, 

notes that a protest note was submitted to Cabot-Lodge. And while the Egyptians claimed they could have thrown the Betarim out by themselves, that would have led to violence so they waited for the police. They complained the police were tardy in showing up.

They also complain that there was a shooting incident the previous year which went unsolved.

Here is HaBoker from April 15

and HaTzofeh

All three were front page.

Davar ignored it. ^

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