Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Visit to Israel

My wife Debbie and I just came back from a week in Israel.  We spent our time in Jerusalem staying at Windows of Jerusalem - a stone's throw from Machaneh Yehudah - and had some of the chevra over one night for old times sake.

Fist pic Chaim Fishgrund, my wife Debbie, Winky, me , Risa (Rich) Tzohar, and David Sprung.  In second pic Dan Krakow replaces Winky.

Around the corner from the hotel is the Achdut Yisrael Synagogue - if I'm not mistaken it was the apartment where Avraham Stern was cornered before he was killed - wasn't open when I went to visit.

Also did a bit of touring in the old city and took a few shots of the Betar Bayit that is now the Plugat HaKotel Museum.

Was a great trip and it was nice to see old friends.

Tel Hai


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