Thursday, September 20, 2018

Betarim Recall Amatzia


From Butch Brody:-

The six months that I lived at AMATZIA (January -June 1959)  were some of the memorable times of my life. STEVE ADLER and I were on the 23rd Machzor of the Machon l'Madrechim. After studying for five months in Jerusalem, we were sent to AMATZIA. I "believe" there only 30 people there then.   STEVE's Hebrew was perfect the start, but mine was not. The fact that we spoke to everyone in Hebrew enabled me to become comfortably conversant   for the rest of my life/. We lived in a sreef and outhouse was 10 or 20 meters away. When I worked in the refet or went out with the cows, I felt that I was participating in the building of the meshek and of the country.  I met Betarim from South Africa (one of whom, I am friendly with to this day); I met Betarim from Uruguay, Argentina, Turkey, Israel. There were some border problems. The border (if I remember) was delineated by large painted white rocks.

It was at AMATZIA that I formed an enduring commitment to Israel.   While the result was a failed Aliya effort (1974), the end result is a son, his wife, 5 grandchildren, a greatgrandchild living in Israel. Three have served in IDF. I am close to age 80 yet, I still go to Israel twice a year with my lovely wife who helps the local economy by buying everything she can in a one month period. I made genuine friendships and permanent memories of a "great moment" in my life. Although my body stays in galut most of the year, my spirit never left Israel. 


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