Sunday, October 21, 2018

At the Likud Olami Olim Event

On Thursday evening, October 18, 2018, the Likud Olami invited Betarim from all Sniffim who had made Aliyah to attend a celebratory event in Netanya.

Present from the United States were:

Bobby Brown
Steve Adler
Izzy Herman and wife
Chaim Fischgrund
Jonathan Friedman
Yisrael and Batya Medad 

and 94 year-old Edith Lieberman (here with head of World Betar Nerya Meir):

at the table (from left to right): Jonathan Friedman, Chaim Fischgrund, Bobby Brown and Batya Medad

Winkie with Joe and Beatte Gellert, founders of Herut UK:


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