Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Gala World Betar Reunion, Updated

When notices of a "World Betar Reunion" in Jerusalem were seen a lot of us signed up. Such events are especially popular  for us now that we have more time to enjoy ourselves, post set work life aka retired. It was in the Jerusalem Theater, and at least speaking for myself I had no idea what type of event it would be. A few months ago, we had gone to something in Netanya, and I expected a similar get-together around tables.

Well, I was wrong. This "World Betar Reunion" was humongous! Even though there had been registration, nobody bothered having us sign in when we got there, or we'd still be on line two days later.

This wasn't a chatty get-together at all. The entire large, at least by Israeli standards, Jerusalem Theater auditorium was full, including the aisles. There were Betarim of all ages and countries. The ceremony performance was well-planned and executed, not taking all that long. We sang the old songs, saw photos of Betar history and activities from all over the world and listened to just a couple of speeches.

The grand finale was young active Betarim marching onto the large stage. They were from lots of countries. The only disappointment was that there didn't seem to be any young Americans, even though in the powerpoint of active sniffim, we did notice one labeled "Brooklyn."

There were quite a few bogrim from the 1960, and possibly earlier, from North America in the audience, although the organizers didn't interview any for the movie, which was part of the event. Also, we caught sight of only one photo of our activities. 

Here's a list of "our crowd" who attended. If I left anyone out, please add in the comments, and I'll correct the list. Steve Adler, Izzy and Sandy Herman, Yonah Ferman, Reuven Genn, Rena Epstein-Genn, Nissan Teman, David Sprung, Reuven and Yehudit Miller, Robert Glick, Batya and Yisrael Medad. Ahron Bashani Braunstein and Zeev Ben-Yoseph. Baruch Krauss, Chaim Fischgrund and Emily Udler.

The ceremony didn't last all that long. Obviously, the auditorium was to be used for something else a bit later in the evening.

Here are some photos I took at the Gala World Betar Reunion:

JPost report.
L-R: Nissan Teman, Yona Ferman, Reuven Miller, Yehudit Miller, Yisrael Medad, Batya Medad, Aharon Bashani, Reuven Genn, Rena Genn, Idit Shiponi, Itta Horol, Chaim Fischgrund, David Sprung, Idit's husband, Baruch Kraus, Robert Glick.

L-R: Nissan Teman, Reuven Miller, Yona Ferman, Yehudit Miller, Yisrael Medad, Batya Medad, Reuven Genn, Rena Genn, Itta Horol, Emily Udler, David Sprung, Baruch Kraus


YMedad said...

Here are the American Betarim I recall seeing:
Steve Adler, Izzy Herman & wife, Yonah Ferman, Reuven Genn, Rena Epstein-Genn, Nissan Teman, David Sprung, Reuven Miller, Robert Glick, Batya and Yisrael Medad,
If more naes I remember, I'll add.

Steve Adler said...

IzzzyHerman's wife is Betaria Sandy.
Also present was Ahron Bashani Braunstein and Zeev Ben-Yoseph the founder of a Betar Machoz in Vancouver who came on Aliya a liitle iver a year ago

Batya said...

Also Baruch Krauss

Reuven Miller said...

also Chaim Frishgrund and Emily Udler and Yehudit Miller

Batya said...

Right, thanks. I'm going to edit/update post and include all the names so far listed. If there are still some left out, please let me know, thanks.

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