Sunday, July 28, 2019

32 Union Square, The First Office - 1929




Mr. Cohen said...

Alexander H. Joffe [a Middle East Historian] said:

“Increasingly, discrimination against Jews
[especially in the academic world, as a result
of the BDS movement] is regarded as legitimate
whether or not there is any connection to Israel.”

SOURCE: BDS Spreads Through Community
Organizations and K-12
by Alexander Joffe, 2019 July 2


Alexander H. Joffe [a Middle East Historian] said:

Similarly, neo-Nazis in Germany have begun using the phrase “Israel is our misfortune,” a sentiment that converges with the German [Leftist] Green Party’s explicit support for BDS. The crossover between the two streams was seen recently when a founder of the Green Party spoke at a neo-Nazi event.

SOURCE: BDS Spreads Through Community
Organizations and K-12 by Alexander Joffe, 2019 July 2


Uzi Baruch wrote:

Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed
Has banned the wearing of the niqab
[Islamic] face-veil in public institutions
“for security reasons.”

Tunisia bans the niqab Muslim face cover in public
by Uzi Baruch, 5/7/2019 for Israel National News

QUESTION: When will Europe and North America
follow their wise example, and ban the niqab?


Mr. Yaakov Lappin [a military and
strategic affairs correspondent] said:

“An Iranian network of terrorist cells is spread
out around the world, ready for activation at any time….”

“The Iranians have built up a wide-reaching network of radical surrogates that extends beyond the Middle East. Members of this network range from hierarchical terror armies like Hezbollah, armed with massive arsenals of projectiles, to sleeper terrorist cells active in Europe, North America, and Latin America.”

“This would explain the discovery and recent announcement of a Hezbollah bomb factory in London. It appears highly likely that the bombs were intended for Hezbollah cells intent on attacking Israeli targets in Britain.”

“Past incidents have seen [Iran-backed] Hezbollah operatives scope out Israeli targets in countries as far away as Peru.”

Iran Is Preparing a Worldwide Terror Network
by Mr. Yaakov Lappin by 2019 July 3

Mr. Cohen said...

Josep Borrell Fontelles, the newly elected
Chairman of the European Union,
recently said in an interview in Politico:

“Iran wants to wipe Israel out,
nothing new about that.

You have to live with it.”

Lessons in the appeasement of Iran
by Sarah N. Stern [President of the Endowment
for Middle East Truth] 2019 July 12


Evelyn Gordon
[a journalist living in Israel] said:

“Palestinians’ rights matter when targeted
by Israel, but not when targeted by the
Palestinian Authority. And Israeli rights
never matter, except when violated by Israel.”

When human rights become acceptable
collateral damage
by Evelyn Gordon, 2019 July 3


Mr. Sean Savage said:

“...the ADL has uncovered virulently
anti-Semitic passages in Qatari state textbooks.

These books claim that:

Jewish people are treacherous,
seek to conquer the world and follow
a perverted, invalid religion.

The books also contained numerous
examples of anti-Christian bigotry,
as well as incitement against the West.”

Qatar’s government also funds the
International Union of Muslim Scholars,
whose Secretary-General openly denies
the Holocaust, according to the
Middle East Media Research Institute.”

SOURCE: Qatar’s ‘big win’ in
White House visit unlikely to bridge vast policy
, by Mr. Sean Savage, 2019 July 9

Mr. Cohen said...
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