Sunday, February 7, 2021

Another Newspaper Clipping from A 1948 Demonstration

 Via Steve Adler:

From the JTA, June 27, 1948

Fifty uniformed youths, members of Brith Trumpeldor, which is sympathetic to the Irgun Zvai Leumi, today “invaded” the offices of the Jewish Agency here, at 16 East 66th Street. They forcibly entered the office of Arthur Lourie, Israeli Consul General, and told him they were going to hold memorial services for Irgunists killed during the Hanganah-Irgun battle on the Tel Aviv waterfront.

When Police arrived, Laurie asked them not to eject the youths. He left the room and the youths conducted a memorial service–which included speeches and songs–for an hour and a half. They withdraw from the building said some name-calling and scuffling. There was scattered jostling and punching between the youths and Agency clerks when the “invasion” first began.

And mentioned here:

Confidential British Foreign Office political correspondence [mikroform] : Palestine, 1947-1948 / project coordinator Paul Kesaris.Public Record Office (Kew, London) FO 371/68668

E 8726/6090/31/48 series of meetings between Israeli representative to U.K. and Foreign Office Minister of State on oil supplies for Haifa refinery, five British citizens arrested for espionage in Israel, conscription of British citizens living in Israel, and Egyptian use of Gaza airfield; and possible British diplomatic representation in Tel Aviv. Also covers Altalena (ship) and Kfar Vitkin incidents involving armed clashes between Irgun Zvai Leumi and Haganah. Includes Brith Trumpeldor (Betar) demonstration on Altalena incident in New York offices of Israeli government, effect of Altalena incident on U.S. Zionists and on international recognition of Israel, speech by David Ben-Gurion on issue, and inability of Haganah to control operations of Stern Group and Irgun in Jerusalem.

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