Thursday, March 16, 2023

The 1942 Pledge of Allegiance

In April 1942, the leadership of Betar, USA, led by Aaron Tzvi Propes, pledged an oath of allegiance to the ideas and ideals of Rosh Betar, Ze'ev Jabotinsky:

Among them, Zippora Levy, Yeshaya Warshaw, Aaron Hanin, David Goodman, Saul Bard, Alexander Gurevitz, Simcha Rosenberg and Chaviva Sudarsky.


Dear Rosh Betar,

We, your pupils, hereby inform you we remain faithful to your Torah. If, all together and each individually, we have not this past year acted on our Betar task, we ask your forgiveness. We will do our best this coming year to "sanctify the name of Betar" that we carry with your permission and according to our allegiance. 

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Steven H. Rosen said...
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Steven H. Rosen said...

Regarding Aaron Hanin: I met Mr. Hanin in the mid 1970s in San Francisco where we both lived. He became a commercial artist and passed away in 1990.

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