Monday, August 25, 2008


Barak Koffler writes:

At Camp Betar sometime in the mid to late 1960s, a FINKHOIST was organized. I don't remember all the details, but I think it was based on some rivalry between the girls'' and boys' cabins.

One dark, cloudy, moonless night, some of the boys silently snuck into the girls' section, and raided a number of cabins. They stole a bunch of their underwear, hoisted it up the flagpoles, and cut the ropes. I do not remember the background to the Fink in Finkhoist-- but the hoist part was obvious.

In the morning, the girls could not find a lot of their undies. When they paraded out to the Misdar ground, they saw the missing "unmentionables" hanging from the flagpoles, and they could not get to them because the flag hoisting ropes had been cut.

Some of the boys also kept some of the underwear and wore it over their own clothing to the Misdar ground and into breakfast.

The girls were screaming but it was al;l in good humor, and eventually they got everything back.

Does anybody else have any more background details?

I also have (and will have to find) a photo taken during the start of Color War, when the camp rented a small aircraft and pilot combo, and he dropped Marcelo Kreisel from several hundred feet up in the air, down onto the Misdar ground.

Marcelo's parachute failed to open and he hit the ground or the platform with a sickening thud. Everybody screamed, and ran to Marcelo. They found they had been tricked and a dummy --made up to look like him, in the same clothes and wearing a simulated parachute-- had been dropped from the plane.

The organizers then yelled Color War!, Marcelo emerged from the background and ran over onto the Misdar ground, and color war began.

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