Thursday, February 18, 2010

Story of My Land

This is this original (see our old stationary) knocked out by Benny on one of Garbers old typewriters!!

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Shachna Waxman said...

There were many other original Betar US songs:

Shir HaPlugot - David Barzel
Shir Maoz - Shachna Waxman
In Zionist Circles - ??
Palestine Fight Song (All You Sons of Moses) ??
We Belong - Yitz Heimowitz
Natasha - Benny Rosen
That's the Story of My Land - Benny Rosen
Shiru Lanu ???
The Land of My Fathers - Tzi Bar Shai
The Waiter's Song - Kvutzat Rak Kach 1964
Shir Betar USA ??
Haifa Farewell - Shachna Waxman
There Was a Time - Benny Rosen
Shir Plugat Giyus - Shachna
Our own words to Mustapha

If I only had a scanner!!!!