Monday, October 3, 2011

Pesach Redemption/Geula SSSJ March 1966

In April 1966, SSSJ carried off a 15,000-person march in the neighborhood of the Soviet Mission off of Park Avenue.

The painted banner, done by Yossi Katz, I think, was carried by the Betarim as seen in this picture:

I have tried to identify persons seen in the picture and would appreciate assistance and corrections and additions:

1.  Eli Solomon הי"ד
2.  Arthur-Aharon Goldberg
3.  Chaim Fischgrund
4.  Nissan Teman
5.  JJ Steinberg
6.  Chuck-Shachna Waxman



Glenn Richter said...

#2 could be Morris (not Yossie) Katz, z'l, the artist who painted the picture. Sure looks like him in his signature beret.

Could be me in the profile of head seen over the shoulder of guy in light jacket on left of photo. Could also be Morris Brafman in black hat and coat on right of photo, and could be Jacob Birnbaum in right background, in light overcoat.

Shachna Waxman said...

Hi Glenn
You're right about the artist being Morris not Yossi Katz, but # 2 is Aharon Goldberg who currently resides in Hatzor HaGlilit,Israel
And yes I am # 6 - boy I was just a kid then

Chuck Waxman