Tuesday, October 11, 2011

World Revisionist Conference in Paris 1948

Was any American Betari present at this?

October 31, 1948

Revisionist Youth Group Decides to Settle Its Members in Strategic Points in Palestine

NEW YORK, Oct. 29 (JTA) – A resolution calling for a wide-scale program of colonization "in strategic points in Palestine" of members of Betar, a youth organization affiliated with the Zionist Revisionist movement, was adopted at the first post world convention of the organization which was held recently in Paris and was attended by 100 delegates from 18 countries, it was reported here today by A.Z. Propes, head of the world executive of Betar.

Another resolution urged the conclusion of an agreement between the Irgun sponsored Freedom Movement and the World Revisionist Organization. It was decided that until such unity is achieved, the Betar will continue to adhere to its "gentlemen's agreement" with the Revisionist organization. The gathering also decided to call a conference of all Betar groups in the Western Hemisphere this spring.

Outlining the Betar attitude toward various problems concerning Israel, Propes stated that the organization will never agree to any partition of Palestine, since it considers both sides of the Jordan as "the inviolate territory of the Jewish people." The Betar, he said, will also "adhere unswervingly to its claim that Jerusalem be the capital of the Jewish state" and will follow the teachings of the late Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of the organization.


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