Sunday, July 7, 2013

At the Jabotisnky Memorial 2013

American Betarim present:

(l-r) Nussan Teman, Rina & Reuven Genn, Moshe Arens, Yisrael Medad,
Steve Adler, David Sprung

(l-r) Steve Adler, Rina Genn, Galia & David Sprung, Yisrael Medad

(l-r) Steve Adler, Rina Genn, Baruch Kraus, Galia & David Sprung,
Reuven Genn (in hat)

(l-r) Rina Genn, Bazruch Kraus, Galia Sprung

(l-r)  Steve Adler, Baruch Kraus, Galia Sprung

David Sprung and Reuven Genn

The crowd

The ensign of the Neder

Others included Chaim Fischgrund, Michael Eglash and Aaron Bashani.

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