Sunday, July 7, 2013

No American Betar and Atrocious English

After the Jabotinsky Memorial, the 90th Anniversary Year events were inaugurated with the opening of a photographic exhibit of some 60 photographs of Betar over the years over the world.

Austrian and South Africa were over-represented, Poland was under-represented and among the branches not at all represented were America, Canada and most South American sniffim.

But what was quite unfortunate were many of the captions that seem to have been translated from the Hebrew via Google Translate without any editorial review.  A catalogue was also published and the exhibit will be up for a month.

Some examples:

That should be:

"Betar boxers exchanging blows."  No one was on strike - an ideological no-no.

That should be:

"A group of Eagles, the youngest age division of Betar, at Innsbruck"

That should be:

"Kindergarten children of the League of Herut Women in Betar uniform"


That should be:

"Members of the Plugat HaKotel Unit by their bunk beds".

That should be:

"The 'Federation of Eyeglasses Wearers' of Betar Herzliya at the entrance to their tent"

That should be:

"Bathers watch as the clandestine immigrant ship Parita unloads its passengers."

That should be:

"A boy and a girl holding a doll amongst illegal immigrants"

That should be:

"A Betari from the Plugat Giyus of Shuni in the field, carrying a hoe on his shoulder".

The attendees at the opening:


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