Thursday, December 3, 2015

Arms Smuggling Activity

Following up on a previous blog post, some more information:


In the Hillel Kook Papers

there are copies of a transcript of the legal proceedings in the Untermeyer- Warsaw Case (1948 Apr) in which Joseph Untermeyer [19 years old], represented by Paul O'Dwyer, and Isaiah Warsaw, represented by M. S. Fisher, were accused by the New York police of attempting to smuggle arms into Palestine in bundles of clothing.

In Paul O'Dwyer's papers, there is a

transcript of hearings of charges of illegal possession of arms against Joseph Untermeyer, for whom O'Dwyer was attorney, and Isiah Warsaw, 1948;

By the way, even Barney Ross was obliquely involved.


Steve Esrati adds:

Warsaw fled New York while out on bail. He headed for Montreal and stopped in Boston, where he spent a night at our house/ He got to Israel on the Altalena and became a big wheel in the border police


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