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Shachna Waxman said...


I had never seen this publication before since I was out of the movement by then.
But I beg to differ with your comment that no Betar song was written since 1948
Had you forgotten...

We Belong by Yitz Heimowitz
Shir Ha'Plugot by David Sprung
There Was a Land Called Palestine and There was a Time by Benny Rosen
The Waiter's Song by Benny and the Waiter's et. al.
And my two songs: Shir Maoz and Shir Plugat Ha'Giyus

As for the reason I was no longer in the movement it is important to note that as we grew older and became college age, unless we were part of the Mifkada or the Hanhaga there was no programming for us. Maybe that was a question you should have also touched upon in your article.

Bivrachat Shalom v Tel Hai