Friday, June 24, 2016

US Betar Reunion in Israel, June 23, 2016

Meir and Tanya Buchman, visiting Israel, invited friends from Betar from the 1960s to join them for dinner in Zichron Yaakov, and the Tishbi Restaurant.

Some present had not seen each other for over 50 years.

The first batch of pictures - taken by JJ Gross, Aaron Rozenberg, Bobby Brown and Yisrael Medad:

Bucky is talking at center. David Sprung to the right. Sitting to the left, JJ Gross (kippah) and Ellen Zwick.

L-R: Sprung, Tzipora Ariav, Elinoar Ariav, Bobby Brown, Linda Brown

L-R: Bobby Brown, Linda, Moshe Kiczalis (in stripes)

L-R: Kiczales, Bobby, Tanya Buchman, Reuven Genn, Linda,

R-L: Bobby, Debbie Genn Rulnick (standing), Tzipora, Udler (black shirt), Elinoar, Sprung,

R-L: Genn, Tanya, Moshe Kiczales (standing) Linda & Bobby Brown

Ellen Zwick (standing), JJ Gross to her left (sitting)

L-R: Reuven Genn (standing), Ellen, JJ)

Yisrael Medad and Tzipora

Rina Genn, Bobby, Linda

R-L: Linda Brown, Bobby, Winkie, Tzipora

R-L: JJ, Ellen, Moshe Kiczales

Bucky and Sprung

David Sprung and Tanya, Moshe Kiczales

Bucky, Gallia Sprung, David Sprung, Tanya

Winkie talking

Winkie still talking

And from the visit to Amatzia the previous day, Bucky with Ben and Aliza Rapaport:


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